Yamhill United Methodist Church

The Little Church With a Big Heart


For thousands of years, the space where we prayerfully gather today was under the care of the Alfalati tribe and the Kalapula tribe. This is the land on which they raised families, where they laughed and cried and shared life together. This is where they worshiped Creator.  Their presence in this region is remembered and woven into the history of our community.

Our faith community is one of the oldest Christian churches in the state. Records show that the Yamhill Circuit was being served in 1857 and by 1850 was one of five Methodist circuits in Oregon. A Methodist Congregation was established in the Yamhill town area (Moore’s Valley) in 1859. Our current property was purchased in 1897 and the church building built in 1898. It was expanded in 1925 to add the kitchen and fellowship hall. The summary in the anniversary celebration book, published in 1998, is still true: 

“Within these walls, people of faith have studied the scriptures, prayed their hearts, shared their deepest sorrows and their greatest joys. The building holds our memories and hopes. It is the place we gather to be our truest selves, in hopes of becoming our best selves. Each time we enter, we are reminded of life as a spiritual reality. Each time we leave, we carry the spiritual integrity of the gospel which inspires our Christian commitment to reach out to those whom we call our neighbor, brother, and sister.” (p. 27)